UL2075 Recognized Component Ideal for battery-operated gas detectors Low Power Consumption
								Methane Gas Sensor Semiconductor type TGS8410

Power consumption 0.087mW

Operable for 5 years on a lithium-ion battery

*When using a lithium-ion battery of 2.8V and 2400mAh

MEMS type Low Power Consumption
High Sensitivity Methane Gas Sensor

The Figaro TGS8410 is a new metal oxide semiconductor type methane sensor. By combining advanced Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) technology with our extensive expertise in semiconductor type gas sensors for over 50 years, the new sensor has achieved a low power consumption of less than one tenth of Figaro’s conventional methane sensors, and a compact size of only 9.2mm diameter and 12.5mm height*.
The compact and low-power methane sensor facilitates the development of future mobile or handheld gas detection equipment.
*The height above the printed circuit board surface after mounting the sensor.

Features of TGS8410

No electric outlet required.
Capable to operate for 5 years
on a lithium-ion battery

The extremely low power consumption of the MEMS type gas sensor (average 0.087mW) allows the design and development of a battery-operated methane detector, in which the gas sensor can operate for five years without replacing a lithium-ion battery. (*when using a lithium-ion battery with 2.8V and 2400mAh.)
The new methane sensor is also suitable for handheld methane gas detectors because of its durability and stable performance.
A methane gas detector that utilizes the TGS8410 can meet the market requirements for installing a gas detector in an area where an electric outlet may not be accessible, such as a basement.

Basic measuring circuit Timing chart

High sensitivity and capability for
methane detection

The TGS8410 sensor features high sensitivity and performance for methane detection, with a smaller size and more affordable cost than NDIR type methane sensors.
The proprietary filter technology reduces the influence of interference gases, such as alcohol vapor, and ensures high selectivity for methane.
The sensor’s excellent resistance to catalyst poisoning makes it an ideal choice for use in residential gas detectors that may be exposed to harsh environmental conditions in a house.

Sensitivity characteristics

Proven track record in residential battery-operated gas detectors in Japan

The TGS8410 has been in use for more than seven years in the residential battery-operated gas detectors produced by one of the leading gas detector manufacturers in Japan.
The sensor’s proven track record guarantees its long-term reliability in residential settings.

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Maintenance-free and Long lifespan


The TGS8410 exhibits excellent stability and endurance over a prolonged period of time, and can operate without maintenance for five years* in a residential indoor environment.
(*Five year is not a warranty period.)

TGS8410 is a UL recognized component in accordance with the requirements of UL2075.

A methane gas detector using the TGS8410, UL recognized component, is exempt from the long-term test for one year that is otherwise required for gas detector certification testing for UL2075.

Examples of Appications of TGS8410

The small and low-power methane sensor makes it possible to develop mobile or handheld gas detection devices.
Gas detectors using the TGS8410 can operate for a long period of time on batteries, even in areas with limited access to the main power source.

  • Gas detectors in homes and restaurants

  • Battery-operable gas detectors for locations without an electric outlet

  • Plant and gas pipeline gas safety

  • Industrial handheld gas detectors

World leader in gas sensing innovation
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Figaro Engineering Inc., foundeded in 1969, is a leading gas sensor manufacturer in Japan with the largest gas sensor production volume in its field in the world.
Various gas sensor models are available for the detection of a variety of gases, such as methane, propane, carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds (VOC), carbon dioxide, and refrigerant gases. All Figaro gas sensors have been validated for their high durability and performance, demonstrating our proficiency in technological innovation.
Our company is striving to achieve a safer and more comfortable life and community by taking a proactive approach to identifying customers’ requirements and potential social needs. We will further technological advancements in order to address these requirements, and introduce novel products with high performance and productivity.

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High Volume Production Capacity and Global Supply Network

Quality is guaranteed by a 100% factory inspection using the appropriate test gases for each sensor model.
Automated production lines ensure a rapid delivery and large quantity supply.

Our global sales and distribution network includes sales subsidiaries in the U.S.A. and China, as well as regional distributors in European and Asian countries. Through this network, we are able to identify specific gas sensing requirements that may vary across every nations or regions. We are committed to achieving customer satisfaction in every global marketplace by providing the products and services required for various applications in the quantities and lead times required.

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