TGS8410/World leader in gas sensing innovation

Figaro MEMS-type Methane Sensor TGS8410 The best choice for battery operable methane gas detectors


  • Low power consumption
  • High sensitivity and selectivity to methane
  • Long life


  • Portable/pocket-sized methane gas detectors
  • Battery operable/wireless gas detectors
  • Leak detection for natural gas vehicles
  • Leak detection for gas pipelines

Combining advanced Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) technology with Figaro’s 50+ years of extensive experience in MOS type gas sensors, Figaro has developed a new methane gas sensor with the lowest power consumption among our current product lineup. This low power consumption makes it possible to realize a methane gas detector that can achieve 5 years of battery life with a single lithium battery*. Featured with excellent durability and stability, TGS8410 is ideal for applications such as portable gas detectors and wireless gas detectors.
The sensor is housed in a standard TO-5 package.

* In case of using a lithium battery with 2.8V/2400mAh

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