• Communication interface for transferring output signals from Figaro sensor evaluation modulesto an external PC
  • PC application software for real-time graphic display of gas concentration or output voltage of the gas sensors on a PC monitor

Example of evaluation modules fitted on EM7000

EM7000 is a communication board that transfers output data in real time from EM series gas sensor evaluation modules to an external computer. The data can be saved and displayed on a PC. This communication board allows for an easy evaluation of the characteristics of various Figaro gas sensors.
By installing the PC application software on an external computer, gas measurement data can be transferred to the PC in serial format for a real-time graphic display on a monitor. The data can also be stored in a CSV format.

* USB cable is included. The PC application software can be downloaded from Figaro website.
* Figaro EM series evaluation modules or gas sensors shown in the example photo are not included. They can be purchased separately depending on evaluation needs.

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