Quick start to gas sensor evaluations without developing software for signal processing Evaluation Module for Air Quality Sensors EM26AQS

Compatible gas sensors TGS2600 TGS2602 TGS2603
  • Five levels of LED indication for indoor air quality
  • Built-in signal processing software
  • Analog and digital* output of air quality levels
  • USB type-C power supply connector
    (App software to be included.*)

*available soon

The EM26AQS is a multifunctional gas sensor evaluation module with integrated signal processing software required for the use of TGS 26 series semiconductor type air quality sensors in air quality control equipment, such as electronic air purifiers and ventilation systems.
The module facilitates the evaluation of TGS 26 series air quality sensors before developing gas sensor applications.

Five Levels of LED Indication
for Indoor Air Quality

The module provides the Indoor Air Quality Level output in five-level voltage, which is converted from the raw sensor output voltage using integrated signal processing software. Indoor air quality levels are also indicated by five-color LEDs.

Signal Processing Software

This evaluation module lets you see the air quality levels.

Start evaluating air quality sensors quickly and reduce the overall product development time.

When using a semiconductor type gas sensor in an air purifier, for example, it is required to study a complicated dynamic benchmark renewal algorithm and develop signal processing software to analyze raw gas sensor responses. The integrated signal processing software based on a proprietary benchmark renewal algorithm for determining the air quality level from raw gas sensor responses allows for a quick and easy start to evaluation of air quality sensors.

For details of the benchmark
renewal algorithm, click here.

Air Quality Sensors compatible
with EM26AQS Module

There are various possible sources of odorous substances that may cause poor indoor air quality.Examples of odorous substances include cooking fumes, food odor, garbage can smell, cigarette smoke, VOCs from building materials, and odor from house cleaning products such as detergents, air refreshers, or disinfectants.Depending on the intended application and the major odorous substances, a suitable sensor model from our selection of air quality sensors can be chosen to test using the EM26AQS.

Model No. TGS2600
Typical target gases hydrogen, alcohol, etc.
  • HVAC equipment control
    • ・Electronic air purifiers
    • ・Extractor fans
    • ・Air conditioners
  • Indoor air quality monitors
  • Detection of general air contaminants and odors
Product information Detailed information
Model No. TGS2602
Typical target gases VOCs, ammonia,
hydrogen sulfide, etc.
  • HVAC equipment control
    • ・Electronic air purifiers
    • ・Extractor fans
    • ・Extractor fans, deodorization
      equipment, etc.
  • Indoor air quality monitors
  • Detection of low concentration VOCs and ammonia-like odors
Product information Detailed information
Model No. TGS2603
Typical target gases trimethylamine,
methyl mercaptan, etc.
  • Control of equipment operation
    • ・Control of equipment operation
    • ・Extractor fans
    • ・Deodorization equipment
  • Detection of food odor or rotten food odor
Product information Detailed information

Air Quality Sensor Applications in
combination with Signal Processing Software

The combination of Figaro air quality gas sensors with signal processing software will greatly expand the scope of sensor applications for indoor air quality control equipment.


  • Air conditioning systems
  • Extractor fans
  • Electronic air purifiers