Figaro Combustible Gas Sensors

For designers of residential gas detectors
                                Considering total value, 
                                Figaro gas sensors are the best choice.

  • Long life: 5 years for TGS2610/2611, 10 years for TGS6810/6812
  • Gas calibration can be eliminated for cost oriented applications
  • Minimal risk of false alarm/no alarm
  • Low power consumption: 280mW for TGS2610/2611
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Minimal Risk of False Alarm

Internal filter for trapping
interference gases

Throughout the 40 year history of the residential market in Japan, gas sensors and gas detectors have been steadily improving. As a result, today gas detectors have achieved maintenance-free operation and carry a 5-year warranty. It is standard practice to use sensors with an internal filter for durability and resistance to false alarming due to interference gases.

All Figaro combustible gas sensors for residential gas alarms have an internal filter. The amount of filter material is designed to meet the required response time (≤30sec) of the European standard. However, since response time is largely influenced by detector housing design, it is recommend that Figaro be contacted for advice on housing design.

Inspection More Stringent than Specifications

100% inspection using target gas

All manufactured sensors are inspected by using target gases under temperature and humidity-controlled conditions.

Traceability of manufacturing history

The manufacturing history of sensors can be traced by production lot number. Long term stability is also traced by production lot.

Using Figaro Gas Sensors Simplifies
                                the Production Process

TGS2610/2611 are individually marked with an ID number indicating a factory presorted classification that corresponds to narrow ranges of sensor resistance in methane/LPG. When the sensor’s ID number is properly used, the calibration process can be greatly simplified, eliminating long preconditioning time and the complicated handling of calibration gas.

For eliminating gas calibration of TGS6810/6812, please refer to the detailed procedures found in TGS6810/6812 Application Notes.

For accuracy oriented 

Figaro recommends pre-calibrated modules LPM2610/NGM2611and CGM6812 which are calibrated at its factory under strictly controlled conditions

Conforms to Global Technical Standards 
                                for Residential Gas Detectors

TGS2610-D00 TGS2611-E00 LPM2610-D09 NGM2611-E13 TGS6810
Target gas LPG Methane LPG Methane LPG,
Methane & H2
Methane & H2
Conformity to EN50194 *1
Conformity to UL1484 *2
Expected sensor life 5 years 5 years 5 years 5 years 10 years 10 years
  • *1: UL1484 is the UL standard for residential gas detectors. TGS2610/2611 are UL recognized components in accordance with the requirements of UL2075. Component recognition testing has confirmed long term stability in 60ppm of LPG/methane for one year. As a result, customers can skip the long term stability test to obtain UL1484 certification.
  • *2: EN50194 is the European standard for residential gas detectors.
  • Note: There are some tips in designing gas detectors to meet EN50194. Consult Figaro for more information.

Environmentally and 
                                Socially Friendly Design

Conformity to RoHS and REACH

Figaro gas sensors meet environmental regulations such as Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) and Registration, Evaluation, Authorization & Restriction of Chemicals (REACH).

Low power consumption

Figaro continues striving to develop sensors with lower power consumption. Due to miniaturization of the sensor chip, the power consumption of TGS2610/2611 is only 280mW. For lower power consumption requirements, please consult with Figaro.

Long life

Figaro combustible gas sensors are designed to have long life. Expected sensor life of TGS6810/6812 is 10 years.

Figaro Offers Comprehensive 
                                Technical Support

Technical advice

Throughout its 45+ year history in the residential gas detector business, Figaro has developed in-depth knowledge of gas sensor applications. As a result, Figaro can offer technical advice in circuit design, component selection, detector housing design, and manufacturing processes.

Content-rich data sheets

Figaro has detailed data sheets, including Technical Information and Application Notes.


At which level should an alarm be set?

Generally, Figaro recommends an alarming level at 10% LEL. However, for EN50194, we recommend a different alarming level due to the standard’s tight restrictions on the allowable alarm range. For more information, please consult with Figaro.

Are Figaro gas sensors used in UL1484/EN50194 certified gas detectors?

Yes, we have several customers who have achieved UL1484 and EN50194.

How can we know when gas sensors are damaged?

When heater elements are damaged or lead wires are broken, the problem can be detected. For more information, please consult with Figaro.